Top 7 Gifts to Give This Holiday Season 

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. The key to picking the perfect gift is to take the specific tastes of the person into account. A plant is a popular gift but if you know they can’t take care of it, you may be better off leaving it for someone else on your list. If you’re lost on what to get, try gifting an experience, a couple of small gifts that can be used together.  

Still don’t know what to get? Don’t worry, these are the top gifts to give this year. From everything they need for a relaxing night, to timeless fashion, there is something for every women in your life on this list. 

Candle being lit 

1. Bath bombs and scented candles

Gift a relaxing night at home with fun bath bombs. Add in some scented candles and a delicious snack to tie it all together. This is the perfect gift for someone you don’t know too well since bath bombs and candles are something that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

2. A beauty box

A beauty box

Makeup lovers probably already have everything they need and know what they like. Unless they asked for a specific product or brand, gifting them a beauty box subscription is a great way to give them something to look forward to each month. Better yet it will get them stepping outside of their comfort zone and trying new brands and styles. They may even find their new favorite products. If you don't want to buy a pre-curated subscription box, consider making one yourself. 

3. Fitness equipment

Dumbbells on a yoga mat

If you know someone who every year makes the New Year’s resolution to work out, get them started with a fitness kit. Tailor it to the type of workouts they like to do. For instance, if they want to run, buy them a nice pair of running shorts or wireless headphones. If they’re into yoga, get them a yoga mat. Maybe get an at-home weight set for those that want to build strength. 

While it may seem obvious to get this person a gym membership, having workout equipment in their home is a good way to keep motivation up as all they have to do is commit to a few minutes a day and they never have to leave their home. Add a daily planner or notebook to this gift so they can write down their goals

4. A healthy cookbook

Everyone has to eat. While specialty snacks make great gifts they don’t last forever and may not be the right gift for someone looking to lose weight or eat healthier. If given the opportunity, almost everyone would choose to add more healthy options to their plate, however finding the right recipes can make that challenging. 

Person chopping up vegtables

Find a good cookbook with healthy, natural recipes. This is a great, functional gift for anyone on your lift. Add some ingredients and cooking equipment needed to make a dish or two to this gift to get them started on their healthy-eating journey. 


 5. A set for a cozy night 

Popcorn is someone's lap

If you know someone who loves watching movies or TV at night, make them a gift basket for a cozy night on the couch. While gifting DVDs might be out of style, you can still supply everything else someone will need for a movie night. Get a pair of slippers, a cozy blanket, and an assortment of specialty popcorn and snacks. 

6. A new look

Women is black t-shirt and sunglasses


High-quality clothing is always a great gift. Everyone loves a comfy, functional piece to add to their wardrobe. If you have a fashionista on your list, consider buying them something that varies from their usual wardrobe. Just be sure it's still something they'll wear! For timeless, stylish fashion everyone will love, shop Islamara this holiday season. 


 7. Specialty snacks 

Close up of chocolates

Maybe you know the healthy cookbook won’t be a hit with someone on your list. Instead, give them a basket for delicious specialty snacks. Everyone loves giving new, tasty treats a try. Shop around and get things that you can’t find at traditional grocery stores. Don’t aim for only getting things you know they will like, instead make a diverse basket so they can sample an array of snacks.

Shopping for everyone on your list can be a challenge. Use these 7 gift ideas to make sure everyone gets something they love. 

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